Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Never go cheap on your little black dress

Have you visited the new Hugo Boss store yet? It’s on 83 Bloor St. W. Not only it’s big and carries the very last collection but the staff is just melting to show you any item you lay your eyes on. And don’t worry if the price is not on your income radar, they will be happy to chat with you as that might be one of the rare opportunities to exchange a thought or two as not many women have $1700 to spare on a little black dress.

Speaking of which... I was there the other day with my friend as she was going through five or six little black dresses…all different styles, religiously precise in cut, from conveniently formal to unexpectedly asymmetrical and made of silk (a few types actually) to die for, from mate and soft to metallic and sharp shiny…for any occasion and any age…. So sexy you almost don’t need a girl in them (joking).

Suddenly I remembered a small talk from the tv news the other day….something like “don’t throw a fortune on a little black dress”… They were testing some cheap models from several stores and they looked like a good deal at the time but o my…their philosophy collapsed in a tiny second the moment I saw and touched these little ones from Mr. B.

So my advice…go to Hugo and get to know the quality. If you can't afford it..it's ok, don't get frustrated, but don't settle for cheap, go for the best you can afford and no matter how small your fortune is…spend it all on your little black dress. Why? Because you’d rather be a black swan in a floating dress than a duck in an apron.