Sunday, September 27, 2009

Small bug fix update for Cool Guy

We are releasing small bug fix update for Cool Guy next week that should fix the missing icons problem when saving new items. Also in this new bug fix update we have new RSS pointer for GQ in the lounge section.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stylish Girl and Cool Guy on New York Fashion Week

So happy today. Just received a message from Bryan Johns who works for Apple. He's currently in New York, presenting a list of successful and interesting fashion apps. to potential clients from the industry. Stylish Girl and Cool Guy are on the list, rubbing shoulders with some seriously big fashion giants like DKNY, D&G, Ralph Lauren...
Is there anything more exciting than having your work presented to the elite in the industry?
Thanks Bryan and a million thanks for loving our apps. And for all of you stylish girls and cool guys...instead of listening to me blabbing about this link and see for yourself.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Website relaunch

Finally! We sat down and re-did our Stylish & COOL website.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why 3.0 only?

I hate that we did it iPhone OS 3.0 only, but the reality is we are small bunch and we can't support backporting for very long. There we layout issues with 2.1 compared to 3.0 and we couldn't make it fit all nice and compact. We tried very hard to compile with 3.0 and make it work for 2.2 at least, but at the end things crashed randomly and Facebook Connect wouldn't work at all. Frustrating.

New updates to Stylish Girl and Cool Guy

We are trying to finalize the feature list for the upcoming versions of Stylish Girl and Cool Guy and here's the plan so far:

Version 2.0.1
- Change the item view to go in full screen mode
- Add filter by favorite for my closet and outfits
- Remove AdWhirl

Version 2.1
- Calendar/Organizer, finally :). I'm going to hold off saying what kind.
- The rest is open, perhaps we'll add password lock if it doesn't prevent us from offering the app worldwide (apple cares about encryption added), perhaps lingerie section for Stylish Girl, although this will definitely make the application 18+ (check out what the pics look like on

Rearranging items in outfit

OK, if I get enough feedback that rearranging the items in outfits is valuable to Stylish Girl and Cool Guy users we'll do it. We'll put that mannequin model in the background and you can make a model for the outfit. The reason I always thought it was bad idea is that pictures usually have background, they are not nice photoshopped cutouts that fit. It just looks messy. But hey, I wrote all of the code for Tickle the Beaver postcard maker so it will be very easy to port.