Thursday, August 27, 2009

To the Fashion Conquers

You know how there are days when you talk until your mouth goes all sour and dry and people start rolling their eyes around you and then there are those days when you wouldn't even pronounce your name properly so you friends start calling and asking if they can be of any help? We feel the same. Sometimes we have so much to tell that the 140 characters on Twitter are simply not enough to keep our thoughts flowing and sometimes those 140 characters feel like a 140 page PhD and we simply click 'sign out' button.

So for the days like today for example when we are in the talking mood (or mode), we decided to put on this blog so we could interact with all you fashion lovers, professionals, enthusiasts and friends. No victims here thank you very much. Stylish Girl and Cool Guy are about fashion conquers. We are all here to win. You by enhancing your individual style and fashion sense and we, as creators of these two amazing little mobile apps. by following your suggestions and opinions and upgrading them to fit your needs.

And forgive me if I sound weird by talking in the second person plural. I promise this would be the first and last time I am offering you this corporate plural BS tone. We are the two guys behind the Cool Guy and Stylish Girl. I am the design guru and my friend is the code wizard. We discuss the ideas together, I shape them to look great and he connects the brain of the machinery and makes sure everything goes smoothly and in the right direction. So just as in the "Blades of Glory" we both get 6.0...6.0...6.0...for both 'technical merits' and 'presentation'....horrible, horrible analogy...anyway..where was I? more was just a welcoming 'hello' to all of you. From now on I am m(ad)man and my friend is Marquis De Bytes. Anything you need or want to know...just ask...leave your comments....suggest...criticize. Welcome to Stylish&COOL. Feel like home and keep playing with our apps.

Love you all,