Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have a Stylish Halloween


It's Halloween, and the longest day this year. As you know, the clocks go back to winter mode tonight so Halloween comes as a 25 hour day. YESSS... use them wisely - or better not. So what's your favourite costume for tonight? And don't ask me because as much as I'm into fashion, I'm totally out of identity change and disguise, no matter how stylish. But that's just me...and I'm sure you won't miss anything as every other site or magazine is full of stories and helpful tips about it.'s the disguise pick up your 'wanna be' personality, dress up and let go whatever is on your mind...have fun and enjoy. What came to my attention though was (speaking of disguise)...I was passing by Holt Renfrew today and look what I've found (see pic)...all the windows are mysteriously wrapped up and disguised...with a teasing message keeping us waiting in desire (as you all know HR windows are always spectacular)...if anyone gets the chance (I'll try but can't promise) to be there and see it first...please o please tell me how it was...

Have a Happy and Stylish Halloween

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Stylish Girl and Cool Guy

The new versions of Stylish Girl and Cool Guy are out! We delivered our new "minor" update with the featured we promised, but there are couple of extras you asked for, check it out :).

We worked hard to make the shopping and lounge modules more stable, removed the ads as nobody likes them except AdMob, but then just this morning I found another bug that causes a crash. Time to plan for another update I guess :).